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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you remember this photo? it's one of the most disturbing images from the bombing. he is being wheeled away after losing his legs in the explosion. tonight we heard he helped to identify two of the bombing suspects. his brother said that his brother is in intensive care, but wrote on a note bad, these words. bag, saw the guy, looked right at me. it's a chilling description he gave the fbi of the man he saw. that description allowed the fbi to narrow down who they were looking for in the video that you may have seen by now. he told the feds that man dropped the bag at his feet, looked straight at him and two minutes later the bomb exploded. taking both of his legs. we have more from boston. >> reporter: the fbi wants everyone to take a good look at the pictures and video of the suspects. somewhere in boston, there may be high fiving and fist bumps,
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but here at the spontaneous memoriam, three blocks from where the bombs went off, it's muted. >> a picture is a picture, and it's hard to tell. so i think a lot of people are still a little ill at ease. >> and some are upset with what the picture shows them. >> i thought it was middle eastern and i was ashamed of myself. the pictures look like white people. from all the stuff that goes on, you get a stereo type in your head of who did it. >> this woman thinks she may recognize one of the suspects, but can't place them. so she is not calling police. >> i do not have enough information, to have a lead, so i do not want to be that person. i may know who they are. >> i hope they get them and i have faith that they will get them. you know. it's just -- i just can't believe it. i'm in shock. >> here at the memoriam, in
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honor of those who died when were injured in the explosion. there was one common theme and it was good that they have suspects, but it doesn't change anything. doesn't bring anybody back. in boston, terry mcsweeney. >> thank you, and we invite you to stay with nbc bay area on the latest of the terror in boston. we will have more reports tomorrow, and you can get updates on our website, nbc bay ramping up, pg&e is increasing security around the sub stations in the bay area. they are providing around the clock security at a sub station here on boscel road, that was after shots were fired at a sub station in san jose, and that led to a major outage, five transformers were damaged and fiber optic cables were cult,
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cutting service to cell phone service. >> we have increased security throughout the service territ y territory. >> well, dispair, confusion, anger. one south bay mother understands all too well the grief that the audrie pott family is feeling, her own daughter tried to commit suicide after being taunted by classmates. she is trying help kids deal with the emotional strain of it. we have more on the mother's message and it's heart breaking. >> reporter: it truly is, the mother said there needs to be more done to give a voice to the kids being bullied and suffering in silence. >> she just wanted the pain to stop. >> reporter: amanda dried to commit suicide, after being bullied at school and through text messages all through the
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day and night hours. >> that she was bi-sexual, and that she had aids was spreading it. that was the part that pushed her over the edge. the 16-year-old was involved in drama a, music and sports, survived. but suffered brain damage. on tuesday, four years later, she died. >> you know, the old saying that stick and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me. that worked back then, but now the kids are so wired they do not think about it. >> reporter: the mother said she was upset after hearing about audrie pott. >> all schools i understand are afraid to be singled out that
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there's bullying going on and especially in upper class area like saratoga but it happens everywhere. she speaks out against bullies at school and churches said she reached out to saratoga high school two years ago and was turned away. basically they told me they had no problem. so they buried their head in the sand. she said it's a big part of the problem. police and educators need to wake up and acknowledge there's a major problem with bullying and take responsibility. >> it doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor or middle class or whatever. it appears in every family in every school and at all ages. even if preschool, it happens. there's too many that are going through this. and not talking about it. >> for nourks plans to attend a vigil -- now plans for attending
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a vigil at saratoga high school for audrie pott, they shared the same favorite color. teal. live in san jose, bay area news. >> okay, thank you very much. want to give you a quick update at what is happening right now in cambridge, this is in the m.i.t. campus, where an all out search right now is on for a beggun man who shot and killed a police officer this evening. >> they are looking for the gunman, all out chaos on the campus, the students are being told to stay in doors. we will have more in a moment. we investigate how your tax refund could be used if you do not buy health insurance. you think, health insurance, nobody's favorite topic and taxes, nobody's favorite topic and we are putting them together. who is criticizing the irs for not getting the word out on how
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they are going to enforce the law.
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>> breaking news on the m.i.t. campus tonight, where a campus police officer has been shot and killed, there have been reports of numerous blasts or explosions at this point we don't know if these are controlled explosions of officers detonating an item or if they were true explosions. this is what we know at this hour, a police officer was answering a disturbance call when he was shot and killed. we understand it had something to do with a carjacking but that
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is not completely confirmed. since then, police officers have swarmed the campus and federal agents have been on the campus and homeland security is on the campus as well. there's an active search is, we believe there's one person in custody being questioned, but the nature of the questioning is unclear. we will keep a close eye on it for you. tnchlt . >> the mayor of west texas said that 30 to 40 people are believed to be dead. caused mass devastation. four city blocks leveled. 75 homes and an apartment complex. this part is very sad, firefighters responding to the fire prp actually caught up in the explosion and at least six of them and four emergency medical technicians are now believed to be among the dead.
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well, everybody is has heard bit and lots of uninsured workers are likely looking forward to it, did you know that the new affordable health care law, commonly known as obama care, comes with a catch if you do not buy health insurance. we discovered that the tax man will play a role in enforcing the rules of the law. you may be surprised by the penalties if you do not play by the rules. >> few people outside lawyers and accountants know about it, but the irs will be charged with playing enforcer for president obama's new law and if you are not insured it will impact your tax return beginning in the year 2014 and beyond. >> today's decision was a victory for people all over the country. >> this is about freedom of choice. >> medicare, taxes are going up on everybody. >> affordable insurance. >> the obama care program. >> all the political noise surrounding the implementation of the new affordable care act has obscured some of the finer
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points how the new law will effect each of us. this is a senior program officer of health reform and public programs. you think bit, you think, okay, health insurance, nobody's favorite topic and tax's nobody's favorite topic and we are putting them together. >> not only will they enforce compliance will the rules but they will administer subsidies to buy health care premiums, but it's the enforcement action that could impact millions people whether they know it or not. >> starting in 2014, people are required to have health insurance coverage. there's exceptions, but for people who are required, if they don't have insurance coverage, they have to pay a penalty and the irs is going to implement the penalties. >> he helped to draft parts of the provision while working at
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the is treasury department. on the tax form, you have to certify that you have insurance that qualifies from a source. whether it's your employer, the exchanges, government programs, and if you don't, you will be assessed the penalty, the individual mandate penalty. >> he is now an assistant professor teaching tax law at uc berkly, he said that the penalty for not buying insurance could be a surprise for taxpayers filling out the 2014 taxes. it's calculated separately from your normal tax burden, if you do not pay it, there's a variety of enforcement techniques that they can use. one of those is to subtract it from that that is owed on your taxes and that is a problem. >> that tax refund will be offset. they will get less money, if any money. >> j russell george is the tax
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administrator general, his office oversees the irs. >> many people do not realize the extent that the irs will be involved in the implementation of the affordable care act. >> is it prepared to do it in. >> it's making good progress in terms of preparing the internal system systems, i'm however, concerned about the fact that it's not communicating this new requirement to the american people to the extent that it needs to be. >> right now, the new change will effect 3 million people here in california. about 48 million people nationwide are currently uninsured. and the penalty for not buying insurance, well, for the first year, those penalties will be small. $95 for each adult and $47.50 for each child and a maximum of $285. but after 2016, it jumps to $695
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for eached all the and $347.50 for each child. with a family maximum of more than $2,000. you can find a full break down of the penalties and more information about this new law on our website, just go to nbc bay >> all right, i want to take a moment to update you on the breaking story out of watertown, it's to border of cambridge, right outside of boston and massachusetts, the right on the m.i.t. campus. we told you earlier that a campus police officer had been shot and killed. we have an update now. one suspect has been shot by police and he has been transported to a hospital, a neighboring hospital, but at the scene, police are still looking for a second suspect. a second suspect and then one is in custody. a second one is still wanted. federal agents are on the scene. there's homeland security there.
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there have been some explosions, we are not sure if they were de detonated by the police, but one suspect shot, how this is all interconnect with the campus police officer being shot after a report of a disturbance is unclear at this.but heavy police presence on the m.i.t. campus this evening. a day at the beach is not what is wanted here. the sequester is hitting the coast and the federal budget cuts are going to trigger furlough days for the u.s. park police. what does that mean? that means fewer officers patrolling popular spots. we have more on what it will mean for you specifically. >> change is in the air at popular golden gate national recreation areas. starting next week, u.s. park police officers will have furlough days, a mandatory day
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off every two weeks an already lean force patrolling recreation areas from fort mason to and they will be stretched further. >> we have foot races scheduled for every week between now and labor day. some are bigger than others, we will have to cut the number of officers that will be assigned to these because there will be fewer officers on duty. >> the force of the officers is planning for big events, but even on a thursday night, there are crowds. >> expecting that there will be a longer wait time for nonemergency calls. >> it's just a shame that the whole sequester thing. >> he has called u.s. park police to report a hit and run. he said while it's a safe area, when you call police, you expect
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a quick response. >> which could be a bummer. it's like it could be that one moment that someone needs them and it may not be an emergency, but the person thinks so. regulars hope it's a sequester cut they will not notice. >> i have never felt unsafe now. i think it's been fine and hopefully it will continue to be fine. all right, well let's turn it over to our weather center. rob, the next couple of days could be beautiful days to be out in the park. >> it looked good today and it will look better over the next few days as the winds turn off shore, we could get temperatures in the mid 70s, right now, 50s outside. not much of a sea breeze out there, so i think it will fire up again during the afternoon to the inner bay coast and san francisco, not warming up as much as the inland valley. 70s and 80s and near 70 in san francisco, the bigger parts of the warm up, we will see in the second half.
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high pressure keeping the storms to the north and kind of a modified on shore breeze. 60s and mid 70s around the inner bay, and 80s inland, but the pattern shift we will see take place. by the weekend into monday. high builds up and over northern california, winds turning off shore, that means around the bay, 70, and 80 and by the time we get to monday and tuesday afternoon, we could see temperatures in the upper 80s and maybe even close to 90 around morgan hill. this transition will take place as we go through the up coming weekend. patches of low clouds. you will find a bit of that on highway 1. around san francisco in the morning and then mostly sunny in the afternoon. morning temperatures, 40s and 50s. not too chilly. nice tomorrow, a few high clouds passing by san jose, 80 in the forecast, and low 80s around the tri-valley, and still waiting for the warm up in oakland.
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78 for santa rosa. the temperatures will climb up once we past saturday, you will see both the coast and inland areas warming up. warmest days of the week coming up. as we get to monday and tuesday, couple changes, for one, it looks hotter than we were thinking last night. so upper 80s to near 90 becomes a possibility and look at the temperatures staying warm longer through the middle part of next week. you like the days at the beach, things will be looking nicely. >> warm indeed. we will be back in a moment.
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>> new information to tell you about now on the standoff on the m.i.t. campus, this is the latest information coming into the newsroom, we are hearing that one man is in custody after being shot, another man police are still looking for him. this is after two men, armed with guns and explosives and what one witness appeared to engage with a standoff with
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dozens of police in watertown the suburb of boston with a backpack. there's reports that the subject had a bomb, lit it and threw it at officers. we have agent on the scene and homeland security, one person is in custody. all of this unfolding after a m.i.t. police officer was shot and killed after some sort of a disturbance. we are continuing to follow what is still a very active scene on the m.i.t. campus. it's now 2:30 in the morning there and police officers and state police are there on the ground. of course, we will keep an eye on what is happening at m.i.t. we are back in a moment. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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>> the sports desk, now back on april 2nd, the sharks traded fan favorite ryane clowe to the rangers and fans were a little upset, but none more than this little guy. >> i don't care if it's just
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hockey. >> baby. but we can still be a fan of his. >> i know. >> he will just be on the rangers now. >> but then every time we play against him, they are going to fight against him. >> that kid was not happy. well today he was happy. he got to meet the sharks before a game. he met dan boyle and reminded dan that he has yet to win a stanley cup and got to pose with brodie brazil. he was happy there and he was happy at home tonight. the game was good. sharks up 1-0, got tic, tac, toe, and after minnesota made it 2-1, knocking the puck down and up on the boards findi ining ha in front of the net. the nfl schedules are out, the 49ers open up at home against the packers. and andrew luck and the colts
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come call engi-- calling in wee three, and a pair of games that you can see right here. make sure to tune in to comcast sportsnet bay area saturday, the warriors take on the nuggets in game one of their series. more news after this.
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>> i want to show you a photograph, just came in from our affiliate in boston, take a look at the photograph, what you are seeing, police on the ground, that is because that is the suspect that they have taken into custody, we understand that the suspect was shot by police, right next to that, you see a car right there, a black car, from what we understand, that was a car that was initially carjacked by the suspect, but then eventually ended up on the m.i.t. campus. there's some connection to a
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police officer, an m.i.t. police officer being shot and killed after a disturbance an all out man hunt is under way for a second suspect. there were detonating and explosions on campus. federal agents are on the scene, and homeland security is there as well, one suspect has been shot and taken into custody, an m.i.t. officer is dead, and there's a massive, massive man hunt under way right now for that second suspect, of course, we will continue to monitor it and have have full coverage on the morning show at 4:30 and again tomorrow night starting at 5:00 and 6:00, thank you for joining us, we will see you tomorrow.
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>> jay: thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show!" nice to have you all here. very kind. thank you. thank you. you know -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much. you know, we were on vacation last week. when i come back yesterday, i noticed nbc had really beefed up security. yet, despite that, i was still able to get on the lot. i was surprised. [ laughter ] well, the papal conclave had begun. they put up the chimney. and as you know, if there's white smoke, it means there's a a new pope. if there's black smoke, it means there hasn't been a a decision yet. if there's gray smoke, that means they're just, you know, burning evidence. [ laughter ] but, you know -- >> rickey: oh! >> jay: but it's exciting. it's exciting to watch. yes. [ cheers and applause ] actually, they're doing things a little different this year. for example, for the first time ever, the winner will be announced by michelle obama. [ laughter ] god, she's everywhere. i think -- i think she's doing too much. [ light laughter ]
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interesting -- the conclave -- this is the one election where no one ever talks about the jewish vote. have you noticed that? [ laughter ] and, of course, rumors are flying at the vatican. the latest one, according to the italian press, is that pope benedict did not retire. they say he was forced out by nbc. [ laughter ] so, i don't know. [ rim shot ] [ applause ] ♪ actually -- did you see the cardinals at the conclave this morning? god -- they're taking the oath in the sistine chapel. and the strangest thing -- well, show what happened. take a look. [ taking oath ] ♪ [ harlem shake plays ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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